University Orchestra

The University Orchestra, conducted by Scott Wood (, rehearses Monday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm and Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 pm. The orchestra rehearses and performs a wide array of music including current as well as traditional orchestral repertoire, often featuring soloists from within the ensemble, the faculty and the professional community. Orchestra performances consist of two to three concerts per year. Performances are in Lisner Auditorium. Membership in the orchestra is made up from the varied and talented GW community and is not limited to those only taking music classes and/or registered as a music major. All are encouraged to audition.

**Auditions for fall semester: Held on September 12 and September 14. Subsequent auditions throughout the academic year will be by appointment only. Requirements: Please prepare at least one minute of music that shows off your technical and expressive capabilities. Sign-ups for new players ONLY. Please contact to schedule an audition time. 

If you are a returning member of the Orchestra, auditions for actual placement will be only as necessary. This procedure will be discussed at the first rehearsal. For the moment, all returning members should take their relative places as they were last spring.

**Auditions for second semester: Held during the first week of spring classes, by appointment only. Requirements are the same for auditions in the spring (see above, for fall semester).

For further information, please contact Scott Wood.