The Department of Music

Located in one of the most musically active centers in the country, the George Washington University takes pride in the important role of music in its academic programs and campus life.

On July 1, 2017, The Department of Music officially joined the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design within Columbian College. The Corcoran School brings together Music, Theatre & Dance, Design, Studio Arts, Art History, Museum Studies, and Interior Architecture into a creative cultural community at GW. The Music Program, and their faculty of scholars, artists, and well-known performers are a key component of the new Corcoran.

Within the Corcoran Music Program, students have a variety of performing groups to choose from including jazz bands, orchestra, chorus, symphonic band, wind ensemble, and Latin band—all of which present regular concerts on campus, in Washington, and on tour.

The individualized nature of study in our performance classes allows a student to receive the personal attention of his or her instructor and to progress toward goals determined by the professor and student. In the classroom, music students increase their knowledge and develop critical thinking and writing skills, preparing for both graduate education and the music-professional world.

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