Performance Study Opportunities

Individual Lessons

Students may take individual lessons after declaring their music major or minor. New majors and minors interested in private study should contact Prof. Baker ( to begin the registration process. Lesson registration must be done in person in the Music Program office in Phillips Hall B144. Three levels of performance study are available to undergraduates:

1000 level: All students will take at least one semester and no more than 3 semesters of performance study on one instrument at this level. 

1 credit = 1/2 hour lesson 
2 credits= 1 hour lesson

2000 level: Private instruction that shows advancement beyond the 1000-level of study. Students are also required to participate in a Department of Music select ensemble. 

     2 credits = 1 hour lesson

4085 level: For the most advanced students, public performance is required. 

     3 credits = 1 hour lesson

MUS 1106 - Introduction to Music Performance and Experience (3 credits)

For students who are neither music majors nor minors, the Music Program offers a course which provides the opportunity for a half-hour weekly private lesson while also meeting once weekly in a seminar to explore the aesthetic and historical contexts of their performance repertoire. This course, MUS 1106: Introduction to Music Performance and Experience, will provide three credits of arts GCR credit. If the student decides to major or minor in music, the course will count as three credits towards their degree, and they will qualify to continue to study privately. Interested students should contact the instructor, Prof. Baker ( for course approval. Registration must be done in person at the Music Program office (Phillips Hall, B144).