A Note from the Chair

Note from the Chair
January 01, 2010

It is an honor and a pleasure to chair the music department as it enters its 50th anniversary year. At the same time, we have also reached the end of our founding era with the death of George Steiner in December 2008. To the end of his life, he remained vitally interested in our activities and our future. He also understood that today's department cannot be exactly the same as the one he founded. For that I remain grateful. George and Annette Steiner also recognized the value of ongoing contributions to our ongoing enterprise. As pages 4-5 of our 2009 Newsletter show, they are not alone. Your contributions help meet the scholarly and performance needs of our students, improve our physical environment, and – a new project – purchase much needed keyboard instruments. As we celebrate 50 years of standing for the arts at GW, we hope you will consider standing with us as we pursue our commitment to quality and leadership at GW and nationally. Finally, under the department's bylaws I will rotate out of the chairship on July 1st. The next chair will be Douglas Boyce. Serving as chair has taught me much about our institution and introduced me to GW people I otherwise would not have met. It has given me pleasure in the energy, imagination, thoughtfulness, and individuality that permeate what we do, and in the integration of our program within a liberal arts environment. As I prepare to return my professional energy to scholarship, I thank everyone who has participated with me in our important and fascinating musical work.

Karen Ahlquist, Chair