Minor in Music

This program is designed for students who have chosen another field of study as their major, but who wish both to add to their knowledge of music and have their music studies formally recognized as a minor field by the university. The Minor in Music prepares students to be more informed about music and more experienced in music performance. Students in the minor in music program take introductory courses in music theory, music history, and performance.

Required Music Course: (3 cr.)

MUS 1102 (3 cr.): Comprehensive Musicianship (Fall & Spring)

Music Curriculum: (15 cr.)

1. 5-6 credits of academic coursework, i.e. courses selected from the following groupings: Mus 1100-1199; MUS 2100-2199; MUS 3100-3199; and MUS 4100-4199

These credits must include a minimum of 2 credits in courses numbered above MUS 2100

2. 9-10 credits of free elective, i.e. courses selected from any offered by the Music Department