GW Chamber Choir: Poetry and Music in the US and the UK

American Composers set American Poets

Russell Woollen: Velvet Shoes, poetry of Elinor Wylie
Robert Evett: Shiloh, poetry of Hermann Melville
Elliot Carter: Heart, Not So Heavy As Mine, poetry of Emily Dickinson
William Schuman: Darest Thou O Soul?, poetry of Walt Whitman 

Composers and Poetry of the UK

James MacMillan: The Gallant Weaver, poetry of Robert Burns
Benjamin Britten: The Evening Primrose, poetry of John Clare
John Tavener: The Lamb, poetry of William Blake
John Rutter: Birthday Madrigals, poetry of William Shakespeare and others

Reaching "Across the Pond"

John Corigliano: Fern Hill, poetry of Dylan Thomas