Department Students Awarded Annual Prizes

Steiner Award
May 01, 2013

The Department of Music recognized several students for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the music department over the 2012-2013 academic year.

During this April’s Chamber Music Soiree, Junior TASHA PULVERMACHER was awarded the George Steiner Scholarship in Music for the 2013-2014 academic school year. The scholarship was established to reward students whose outstanding engagement and accomplishments within the Department stand above others. Pulvermacher, who plays in several musical ensembles, is a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, as well as a violin and viola player.

Senior voice Presidential Scholar in the Arts students, JOHN GEARHEART and GRACE SRINIVASAN, were both recognized for their accomplishments within the Department of Music atthe University Singers April Concert, Sing of Spring.

Gearheart was awarded the Harmon Choral Prize, an annual award to a student in GW’s choral program. He was chosen because of his exemplary service to the choral department during his entire four-year tenure at GW. His choral director Gisèle Becker says, “Besides being a quick learner and superb musician, John has also, through his drive and initiative, volunteered and implemented ideas for team-building and social events, that are crucial to building congealed choral sound.”

Srinivasan was award the Manilow Prize, an annual award distributed to an outstanding music student. The Department faculty selected her for this award for her service to the Department, the quality of her scholarship in the classroom and her growth and successes over four years as a performer.

The Department of Music is very proud of its award winners and would like to congratulate all its students on another successful academic year!