Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree provides a broad base for understanding the role of music, both as an individual art form and in its social context, and ensures that students have basic skills in music. The degree lays a strong foundation for advanced music study in graduate school and entry into a variety of music-related professions.

By the end of their music major study, students should be able to:

  • Show and use practical musicianship skills in activities such as vocal or instrumental sight reading; independent learning of pre-existent or new compositions; and stylistic, analytical, or interpretive discussion.
  • Write and speak fluidly and cogently on a wide range of musical topics in formal and impromptu settings.
  • Demonstrate intelligibility, craft, informed expression, and a commitment to independent inquiry in creating or performing music.
  • Knowledgeably situate their own musical activities within a culturally, aesthetically, and intellectually pluralistic community in the department and the larger musical world.

General Curriculum:

Specific course requirements as listed in the George Washington University Bulletin.

Required Courses: (12 cr.)

MUS 1102 (3 cr.): Comprehensive Musicianship I (Fall & Spring)

MUS 2101 (3 cr.): Harmony (Spring)

MUS 2106 (3 cr.): Music History III (Spring)

And one of:

MUS 3126 (3 cr.): Music History I (Spring)

MUS 3127 (3 cr.): Music History II (Fall)

Electives: (25 cr.)

1. 15 credits of academic coursework, i.e. courses selected from the following groupings: MUS 1100-1199; MUS 2100-2199; MUS 3100-3199; and MUS 4100-4199.

These credits:

a. may include a maximum of 6 credits in courses numbered MUS 1100-1199

b. must include a minimum of 3 credits in courses number 3100-3199 or 4100-4199.

2. 4 credits of performance coursework, i.e. ensembles (MUS 1000-1099) and private study (MUS 1500-1599; MUS 2000-2099; and MUS 2500-2599)

3. 6 credits from any course offered by the Music Department (free electives).


Senior Capstone Experience: (5-8 cr.)

MUS 4198 (1 cr.): Senior Seminar (Fall)

MUS 4085 (2-5 cr.): Senior Capstone Project (Spring)