Professor Ahlquist and Resident Artist Wade Participate in National Civil War Project

Ahlquis and Wade
February 28, 2014

As part of GW’s ongoing participation in the National Civil War Project, Professor Karen Ahlquist and Resident Artist & Scholar Stephen Wade participated in An Evening Exploring American Cultural Life During the Years Before, During and After the American Civil War, an evening featuring a staged play, The Actor and the Assassin, and a facilitated discussion between Ahlquist, Wade and Professor Richard Stoff.

Ahlquist and Wade brought insight into the origins and culture of music at the time around the Civil War. As GW Today reports, “Music is one of the areas where the South was on par with the North, especially with patriotic songs, or ‘munitions of war,’” Dr. Ahlquist said. “Flag songs and recruiting songs -- ‘when Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, hurrah’ -- were incredibly popular.” 

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