Stanley Yeskel Visiting Artists

The Stanley Yeskel Memorial Concert Series is a concert series bringing national and international artists to the George Washington campus. Stanley Yeskel Visiting Artists will interact with students through master classes, class visits, and guest lectures.   

This program is generously supported by Peter Yeskel, a CCAS alumnus and an emeritus member of the Dean’s National Council for Arts and Sciences. Inspired by his father’s love for music, Mr. Yeskel worked with the university’s development office to make a gift of music that honored his father, Stanley Yeskel, who passed away in 2002. 

Through concert performances and master-classes, the Stanley Yeskel Visiting Artists will give students insight into the artistry of performance; through visits to classes discussing interpretation and the professional life of the musician, they will engage with the scholarly side of our students' education. As artists for whom the mind and body are equal partners in music-making, they will further the department's holistic approach to musical training.


Watch Now: Miranda Cuckson

Miranda Cuckson performs J.S. Bach's Partita No. 2, Sarabande.

Watch Now: Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade discusses Anderson Punch and the beauty of finding music in any and every environment.